Hello, my name is Gorge Dirlam and this WordPress blog has been set up with a very easy to remember domain / url  - www.sendmycopy.com

This website/blog is about starting your own business.

If you want me to send you a copy of detailed information of exactly what this amazing opportunity is and how it can benefit you, go to the "Home" page or the "what you get" page and watch the video. Fill in the name, email boxes and you will be sent additional detailed info about products, compensation & bonuses. 

I am presenting you with a unique business idea that is very easy on your budget. You can be in business for only $25.00 plus tax.

The "What You Get" page will give you a sample of the great value you will receive by taking advantage of this offer.

​The various pages on the WordPress blog will have the appropriate information to better inform you.

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