Magnesium Supplement Benefits

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Magnesium supplement benefits may be able to play a role in your overall health & wellness. Listen to our audio and do some additional research on your own and come to your own conclusion about the importance of magnesium.

Magnesium Supplement Benefits - why you may want to add magnesium to your daily diet.

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Do some research about magnesium supplement benefits and you will want a good magnesium supplement in you daily diet.

There is no doubt that magnesium is one of the most and may be the most important mineral for your body. Magnesium may also be needed to get your muscles to relax, calm nerves and improve sleep. 

Researchers have found the magnesium deficiencies creates a lot of very serious health related problems. Chronic pain may be a sign to magnesium deficiency.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” – Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel PrizeLaureate

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magnesium supplement benefits

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There are three remote locations around the world where people travel, sometimes evenhundreds of miles to to soak in magnesium rich waters. We all know how important water and oxygen are important to life, but many do not know that magnesium is just as important.

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Colloidal Silver | Online Classes

The Best Colloidal Silver Available

If you want the best Colloidal Silver available, we can provide it for you along with many other great health related products.

We search the planet over to give you the best health & wellness products possible.

The Best Colloidal Silver Available

Our new PureSilver measures at 200 PPM and our Silver Concentrate is in a class by itself!

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The Best Colloidal Silver Available
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Our trademarked brand consisting of 99.99+% pure Silver as bio-available nano particles dispersed and suspended in pure, pharmaceutical grade water.

Our nano particles are only two atoms in width, they will fit into the tiniest cells and blood vessels of the body and not become lodged there. After it has done its job, it will merely be excreted in the urine and therefore can be given to babies and the elderly.

This Silver concentrate is in our opinion the "best" silver product that money can buy and may be your best choice for preventing or stopping the spread of dangerous micro-organisms. 

We will also provide you with a wealth of information about Colloidal Silver and how people are using it. We have live and recorded calls with people using what we believe is the best Colloidal Silver available. 

I personally like to use Colloidal Silver to fight the cold and flu. I do not like to get sick!  

A friend first told me about her daughter using colloidal silver and at the time I knew nothing about the benefits of using colloidal silver. Later I decided to get colloidal silver and unbeknownst to me at the time, I was purchasing a very watered down version at only 35 ppm.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

... and felt a scratch in my ear and throat. I did no have this remarkable product at the time and got sick with what I believe was the flu for the next few days.

Later, the same thing happened to me again, almost exactly as before. I was working and felt a scratch in my throat, then in my ear again. This time I did have silver and applied the silver in my throat, under my tongue and in my ear. 

I remember the incident both time very clearly because they were almost exactly the same. I even remember I was in the same spot as before also. One time I had didn't have silver and got sick, the next time I did have silver and didn't get sick.

Our silver is rated at 200 ppm, and is suspended in pure, pharmaceutical grade water. The is not a watered down version of Colloidal Silver, we believe we are giving you the best Colloidal silver available.

The above incident is my personal story and of course your results may vary. We encourage you to take advantage of our free materials about our excellent silver product.

Any time you don't feel well or are sick it would be a good idea to call and see your Physician.

Best MLM Compensation Plans

Best MLM Compensation Plans

The best MLM compensation plans and the worst compensation plans to earn money!

​​​​Which are the best MLM compensation plans?

Have you encountered problems with some of these plans in the past? Learn why some of these plans are difficult to achieve and which plans are doable for the average network marketer.

Best MLM Compensation Plans

MLM stands for multi level marketing plans. Most of you probably know that but some people may not. is going to provide you with a free audio on compensation plans and the best mlm compensation plans to get paid on.

There are many different types of network marketing / MLM compensation plans such as Binary, Unilevel, Matrix, Forced matrix, Breakaway, Australian 1 up, 2 up, & 3 up, hybrid plans and other mlm compensation plans.

Some of these plans require almost impossible requirements to get your money.

 Auto ship, sales volume requirements and so on. One company required you to buy $5000.00 per month to get paid your commissions.

Learn which plans to avoid and the problems you may encounter with these pay plans. You may have already learned the hard way the problems with some of these pay structures. What can you do?  

There are also many affiliate plans that pay commissions when you drive sales to your affiliate link.

Most affiliate programs only pay when you get a sale, these are basically one time sales. Most don't have reorder commissions or lower level commissions. 

Network marketing compensation plans can sometimes be difficult to understand. Most people who join companies as distributors learn as they go. These type of pay plans pay commissions on reorders and lower levels. In just about every network marketing / mlm company, there are requirements to get your commissions. 

Take advantage of this free audio on network marketing comp plans explained.

We will show you without a doubt which is best MLM/ Network marketing compensation plans to get paid on without jumping through a lot of hoops and requirements to get paid on.

Best MLM Comp Plans

This free audio will give you an excellent tutorial on the many different type of pay plans with the pros & cons and the recommended best comp plans.

We show you the easiest pay plan to get paid all your commissions.

Home Business Marketing Tips

Thank you for reading this blog post about home business marketing tips and information about starting your own business.

This is the #1 post in this WordPress blog.​  This blog is going to be an ongoing work in progress. I am going to show you how to start a business for $25.00 that will give you a product and training.

Please bookmark this site or add it to you favorites as I am going to be using methods that got me lot's of customers on the Internet before. ​ There will be many more pages and blog posts to come.

When promoting a work from home opportunity with a website or blog, build as many pages and posts as you can. ​

Everyone should have a blog, even if you don't have a business.​  

A free Google blogger is a great place to start a blog

If you are attempting your first blog, start with's free.

You more than likely already have a gmail account, so if you just open a new window and type in blogger, it will take you right to your blogger. Put 10 posts in a blogger blog and it will rank well on the search engines depending on the keyword.

WordPress is the most popular blog, this is a paid WordPress blog, which is really cheap and easy to set up.

I still use blogger even though I have a paid hosting account. I pay under 10 dollars per month for my web hosting which this WordPress site is hosted on.

​Paid hosting sites are much better because you have control over it and you have your domain attached to it. With a free WordPress site, you would have less control over your blog  (it could be shut down) and you can't attach your own domain to it.

​If you decide to join this opportunity with me and you don't know how to blog, I am going to teach you what I know, if you need & want my help.

Let's talk about marketing your business after joining this opportunity. Online marketing is a must for any business. 

I think it was Bill Gates who said  - If you have a business and your not online, you will soon be out of business. I may be getting the exact quote wrong, but in a nutshell the point is made.

Remember it's your business -  promote your business the way you want to. Have fun along the way also, this does not have to be difficult and ​frustrating.

I have some experience in a past online opportunity. I decided years ago that I was going to use the Internet to promote a work from home opportunity from now on.

After that decision I was able to get over 800 customers & signups of affiliate members from the organic search engines and other online methods like free classified ads.​

I seriously doubt that I could have gotten that many people into that business, by talking to family and friends. ​Who really wants to use that method anyways?

​Note - I may be working on this blog as you read it. I usually start blogs and pages and get them online then come back and I keep adding content until I feel the post or page is finished.  When this note is gone from this blog post, this post will be completed.