Home Business Marketing Tips

Thank you for reading this blog post about home business marketing tips and information about starting your own business.

This is the #1 post in this sendmycopy.com WordPress blog.​  This blog is going to be an ongoing work in progress. I am going to show you how to start a business for $25.00 that will give you a product and training.

Please bookmark this site or add it to you favorites as I am going to be using methods that got me lot's of customers on the Internet before. ​ There will be many more pages and blog posts to come.

When promoting a work from home opportunity with a website or blog, build as many pages and posts as you can. ​

Everyone should have a blog, even if you don't have a business.​  

A free Google blogger is a great place to start a blog

If you are attempting your first blog, start with blogger...it's free.

You more than likely already have a gmail account, so if you just open a new window and type in blogger, it will take you right to your blogger. Put 10 posts in a blogger blog and it will rank well on the search engines depending on the keyword.

WordPress is the most popular blog, this is a paid WordPress blog, which is really cheap and easy to set up.

I still use blogger even though I have a paid hosting account. I pay under 10 dollars per month for my web hosting which this WordPress site is hosted on.

​Paid hosting sites are much better because you have control over it and you have your domain attached to it. With a free WordPress site, you would have less control over your blog  (it could be shut down) and you can't attach your own domain to it.

​If you decide to join this opportunity with me and you don't know how to blog, I am going to teach you what I know, if you need & want my help.

Let's talk about marketing your business after joining this opportunity. Online marketing is a must for any business. 

I think it was Bill Gates who said  - If you have a business and your not online, you will soon be out of business. I may be getting the exact quote wrong, but in a nutshell the point is made.

Remember it's your business -  promote your business the way you want to. Have fun along the way also, this does not have to be difficult and ​frustrating.

I have some experience in a past online opportunity. I decided years ago that I was going to use the Internet to promote a work from home opportunity from now on.

After that decision I was able to get over 800 customers & signups of affiliate members from the organic search engines and other online methods like free classified ads.​

I seriously doubt that I could have gotten that many people into that business, by talking to family and friends. ​Who really wants to use that method anyways?

​Note - I may be working on this blog as you read it. I usually start blogs and pages and get them online then come back and I keep adding content until I feel the post or page is finished.  When this note is gone from this blog post, this post will be completed.